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  1. No Church Of Mine

From the album Inheritance

The single from Septillion's debut full-length album, 'Inheritance'.


So the meek took claim to the earth, along with the sins of their fathers. Given to them on the day of their birth. Living their lives in the fear of something, no man will ever understand, and the fear is spread across the land, by blind prophets speaking broken words. Falling upon deaf ears, in which reason will never be heard.
So bow to the east, drink your wine. Kiss your wall and rape your many wives. Bathe in the blood of the beast, relish in the body of the saviour your feast. In the church... No church of mine.
No church of mine.
Break down the doors and spread your words. Make your money with blood and lies. Do nothing and watch your babies die. Read the book, thats been re-written a thousand times. If you don't agree, change it to suit your desire. Fuel the lies in the now raging fire, as we pay for the sins of our fathers, watching our world burn.
So lock yourself away, turn blind eye. Be born again to justify your crimes. Forgiveness is so easily found, from your lord adorned with a false crown. In the church, no church of mine.
No church of mine.
So the meek will bow in their church.
No church of mine.
Lay them down upon the stone-cold floor. Drown them in the blood of their god-whore. The virgin and the saint, will be butchered and raped. Forever now a symbol of grief and woe.